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    PEI Notice of Termination by Lessor


    Do you have a tenant you need to get rid of? Serve them with this Notice of Termination by Lessor of Rental Agreement for Prince Edward Island.

    • This Notice of Termination can be used by landlords to terminate the tenancy of tenants who:
      • have not paid the rent,
      • have behaved in a manner that has disrupted other tenants,
      • have damaged the rental property or failed to keep it clean,
      • failed to pay the damage deposit,
      • misrepresented the property to a potential renter or purchaser,
      • endangered the safety or impaired the legal rights of the landlord or other tenants,
      • have too many people living in the premises,
      • are in violation of provincial health or safety standards,
      • assigned or sublet the premises without permission,
      • for other reasons allowed under the Rental of Residential Property Act.
    • Form 4 is a free PDF download.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    Download Type: Adobe PDF
    Last Updated: 19-November-2021
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