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    Performance Contract for Non-Musical Acts


    Book non-musical performers (such as jugglers, puppeteers, theater groups, etc) for live shows with this Performance Contract for Non-Musical Acts.

    • The promoter agrees to provide the venue, dressing room, stage hands, box office and security personnel.
    • The promoter will pay for the printing and distribution of programs for the show.
    • The promoter will also pay for all advertising and promotion for the performance. The performers are responsible for providing any materials that they want to have included in the promotional campaign.
    • If the performance is canceled or delayed for any reason beyond the control of the parties, the parties agree not to make any claim for damages and neither party will be liable.

    Get this Performance Contract for Non-Musical Acts for your contracts library - a must for any promoter!

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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