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    Pet Foster Care Agreement


    Arrange foster home care for a pet while the owner is away with this Pet Foster Care Agreement template.

    • This type of Agreement is suitable for situations where the pet's owner is absent for an extended period of time (e.g. working abroad, serving in the military, etc).
    • There are three parties to the contract - the pet owner, a foster care agency, and the foster parent.
    • The owner must make sure that the pet is up to date with its vaccinations. The foster parent must certify that any other pets in the foster home are also up to date on their vaccinations.
    • The pet owner authorizes the agency to implant a microchip or tattoo the pet for identification purposes, if this has not already been done.
    • The foster parent must not spay, neuter or otherwise alter the physical condition of the pet without the pet owner's written consent.
    • The pet owner will reimburse the foster care provider for any out-of-pocket expenses if they exceed a predetermined monthly amount.
    • The pet owner has the option to renew the contract for a further period if necessary. The foster parent has the right to terminate the agreement upon written notice to the pet owner, in which case the foster parent must return the pet to the agency.
    • The file includes a foster caregiver application, to be completed by all persons who want to become foster parent.
    This Pet Foster Care Agreement template is completely editable to meet your needs.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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