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    Quebec Condominium Property Management Agreement


    Hire a property manager for a residential condo building in the Province of Quebec with this easy-to-use template Property Management Agreement.

    • The agreement is between the condominium syndicate and a property management services firm who will manage the immovable property and common areas of the condo project.
    • The property manager has the authority to start legal proceeds on behalf of the syndicate in the performance of its duties (such as to collect rent, condo fees or other amounts owed to the syndicate).
    • The liability of the property manager is limited.
    • The syndicate indemnifies the property manager for any liability resulting from the performance of its duties under the agreement.
    • The syndicate is responsible for carrying liability insurance, and for paying the costs of any architectural or engineering drafts, drawings, estimates, etc.
    • This Quebec Condominium Property Management Agreement template is available as a fully editable MS Word document. English-language version only.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 16-February-2022
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