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    Saskatchewan Cohabitation Agreement


    After 2 years of living together, common law couples in Saskatchewan have the same rights and obligations under the law as married couples. You can change that by signing a Cohabitation Agreement.

    • A cohabitation agreement gives you a chance to establish who owns what property. For instance, each partner would continue to own the assets that they owned when they entered the relationship.
    • Any property jointly acquired by the parties would be divided equally between them if the relationship ends, or would be sold and the sale proceeds split evenly.
    • The Agreement contains a provision that each partner is responsible for his or her own debts and financial obligations.
    • The partners will be jointly responsible for raising, supporting and caring for any children they have together.
    • Before signing the Agreement, you and your partner must get independent legal advice from a lawyer. A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for each party is included as part of the document, and must be signed by the lawyer.
    • This legal form is available as a downloadable MS Word template.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 11-March-2024
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