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    Saskatchewan Farm Land Cash Lease Agreement


    Rent out Saskatchewan farm land to a tenant with this Saskatchewan Farm Land Cash Lease Agreement.

    • This Lease allows the tenant to pay the annual rent in payments which are timed to coincide with the tenant's payments from the Canadian Wheat Board for the grain raised on the land.
    • The tenant will use the farm land solely for agricultural purposes and will work the farm in accordance with normal farming practices.
    • The tenant is responsible for control of weeds and soil erosion.
    • The tenant cannot make major improvements without the landlord's consent. A Consent Form for this purpose is included.
    • The tenant will seed all of the land except areas to be summerfallowed, and will summerfallow a specified number of acres each year.
    • The landlord will provide grain storage facilities, but if they are not sufficient the tenant may remove excess grain to other locations for storage.
    • If the landlord still has grain stored on the lands when the lease commences, the landlord will have the right to continue to store such grain on the land but only for a specified time period, after which it must be removed.
    • Similarly, if market conditions at the end of the lease term prevent the tenant from delivering all of the grain grown during the term, the tenant may store the grain on the land in accordance with the Agricultural Leaseholds Act.
    • The document also includes Surrender of Lease and Consent of Non-Owning Spouse forms.
    • Intended to be used only in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 03-March-2022
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