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    Shopping Center Property Management Agreement


    Hire a property manager to oversee the operations of a shopping mall with this Shopping Center Property Management Agreement.

    • Independent Contractor. The property manager is retained as an independent contractor.
    • Duties. The property manager's duties include collecting the rent, invoicing tenants, providing services to tenants, enforcing performance of the tenants' lease obligations, and generally managing all aspects of the mall operations.
    • Budget. The property manager is responsible for preparing an annual operating budget for the shopping center.
    • Insurance. The property manager must maintain a fidelity bond, workers compensation, auto liability and excess liability insurance coverage.
    • Compensation. The property manager will be paid a management fee calculated as a percentage of all gross rents, but not to be less than a specified minimum amount.
    • This legal contract template is available in MS Word format and is fully customizable to fit your needs.
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    Last Updated: 13-April-2022
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    Leasing Management Agreement for Commercial Retail Project


    Developers can hire a leasing manager for a commercial and retail project with this template Leasing Management Agreement. The leasing manager will be responsible for:

    • developing a proposed rental structure and tenant mix for the building;
    • screening and approving business tenants for the various premises;
    • retaining real estate brokers and leasing agents, if appropriate;
    • preparing standard form leases;
    • reviewing plans for tenant improvements, and arranging approvals for same;
    • collecting rents;
    • negotiating with tenants;
    • exercising the owner's powers under the leases.

    The earlier you can get a leasing manager in place on a commercial project, the better. Add the template to your shopping cart, check out and download the form - you're ready to start using it.