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    Sport Agency and Representation Agreement


    Sign a contract to manage the career of an athlete with this downloadable Sport Agency and Representation Agreement.

    • The Agreement is subject to any applicable rules or regulations set down by the body that governs the athlete's sport.
    • The agent will represent and manage all aspects of the athlete's career, including negotiating contracts, establishing partnerships and sponsorships, scheduling events, promoting and marketing, collecting and paying amounts due to and from the athlete, and acting in a fiduciary capacity on his/her behalf.
    • The agent will be paid a commission based on a percentage of gross revenue earned by the athlete.
    • The agent is responsible for paying all of his/her own expenses except for certain expenses (such as travel expenses) up to an agreed maximum.
    • This is an exclusive contract. The athlete agrees not to hire any other person or firm to represent him/her during the duration of the Agreement.
    • The athlete indemnifies the agent against any third party claims for damages.
    • This is a standard form contract that can be used for professional or amateur athletes.
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    Last Updated: 07-February-2022
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