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    Stock Photo Agency Agreement (exclusive)


    Line up content for a stock photo website with this Exclusive Stock Photo Agency Agreement.

    • Photographers who want to license their photos to users of the stock photo website can appoint the website owner as their exclusive worldwide licensing agent.
    • The photographer agrees not to sell or license any photographs directly to any of the website's clients.
    • The stock photo website has the right to set the pricing and the terms and conditions of licensing.
    • The website and its licensees have the right to alter the size, shape, or form of the photos as they deem necessary.
    • The website agrees to take adequate precautions to protect the photographer's copyright and other intellectual property rights, and to protect and preserve the photographs from loss or damage.
    • The photographer agrees to regularly submit new high quality photos in accordance with the Photo Delivery Memo which is included with the contract template.

    Make sure your website and your contributing photographers are protected - download the Exclusive Stock Photo Agency Agreement template today.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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