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    Succession Planning 101 - Building Success Into Your Succession Plan


    Plan for the future of your business with this 8-page guide entitled Succession Planning 101 - Building 'Success' Into Your Succession Plan.

    Sooner or later illness, death or old age will force you to either pass on your business or wind it up. But most owner managers have no succession plan in place and no plans to make one.

    This expert guide walks you through the basics of succession planning. Topics include:
    • events that trigger a succession crisis,
    • various succession planning options, including passing the business on to family members, senior management, or outsiders,
    • common mistakes and pitfalls,
    • a checklist for doing it right.

    Get expert advice with this valuable guide, written by a lawyer who specializes in succession planning.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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