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    Tenant Estoppel Letter for Commercial Condominium


    Prepare an Estoppel Letter for tenants of a commercial condominium building with this downloadable template form.

    The Estoppel Letter must be provided to the purchaser of the building as part of the documentation for the purchase and sale transaction. Have each tenant complete, sign and return a copy of the Estoppel Letter, which sets out:
    • commencement and expiry dates of the tenant's lease,
    • any renewal options,
    • amount of base rent, additional rent, taxes and other ongoing amounts payable by the tenant,
    • amount of security deposits and prepaid rent (if any),
    • other relevant facts pertaining to the lease, including a copy of the written lease agreement.

    You can use the Estoppel Letter template as often as you like. Just add it to your cart, pay for it over the secure checkout system, and download the form.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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