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    Tenant Request for Repairs Forms


    Tenants, if your rental premises needs repairs, serve your landlord with one of these Request for Repairs Forms.

    • This package of forms includes:
      • an initial notice to the landlord requesting repairs;
      • a second request for repairs enclosing a copy of the first notice and repeating the request;
      • a request for reimbursement of repair costs. The request for reimbursement would be used if the landlord does not respond within a reasonable period of time, and the repair is required in order to prevent damage to the premises, such as a leaky roof or window.
    • These are generic forms which can be used almost anywhere.
    • The forms are available in MS Word format so you can easily fill them in and print them for signature.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-May-2023
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