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    UK Non-Assured Tenancy Agreement (Furnished Premises)


    Do you have a furnished house or flat to let in England or Wales? Prepare the required paperwork for a tenant with this DIY template Non-Assured Tenancy Agreement (Furnished Premises).

    • The tenant agrees to pay council taxes, gas, electric, phone, water and television charges for the dwelling.
    • The tenant must keep the premises and furnishings clean and in good order and repair, and must replace any items that are lost or damaged.
    • The landlord's consent is required for alterations or redecorating.
    • The landlord must maintain the exterior of premises, water and heating installations in good condition and repair, and must keep the property adequately insured.
    • If the tenant is in breach of the Agreement, the landlord has the right to take possession and determine the tenancy.
    • The template also comes with an Inventory Form listing the furnishings and other items included in the lease.

    The UK Non-Assured Tenancy Agreement (Furnished Premises) template can be used as often as you require, saving you money on solicitor's fees.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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