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    Army Survival Manual | USA


    This free Survival Manual is the ultimate guide to surviving everything from shipwrecks to nuclear attacks.

    • Topics include:
      • How to plan for survival, and how to put together a survival kit.
      • Basic survival medicine.
      • How to build a shelter.
      • Finding a water source, and how to make a still to purify the water you find.
      • How to make a fire.
      • Food procurement.
      • Poisonous plants and dangerous animals.
      • How to survive in the desert, in the jungle and in very cold conditions.
      • Survival at sea.
      • Field-expedient weapons and equipment.
      • Camouflage.
      • How to survive in hostile areas.
    • This is the handbook of the United States Army, and it comes jam-packed with 277 pages of everything you need to know to survive practically any situation.
    • Available as a free PDF download.
    Download Type: Adobe PDF
    Last Updated: 22-September-2022
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