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    USA Curatorship Gift Agreement


    Appoint a curator to rehabilitate, restore and maintain an historic property in the USA with this template Curatorship Gift Agreement.

    • The curator will donate an irrevocable gift of sufficient funds, labor and services to restore, rehabilitate and renovate the historic structure(s). The curator's services will be provided without charge and will be performed continuously throughout the term of the Agreement.
    • When the original restoration and rehabilitation work is completed, the curator will continue to maintain the premises and to restore, repair and rehabilitate the structures as necessary.
    • The curator will open the premises to the public at various times throughout the year once the original restoration work is completed.
    • It is the curator's intent that the gift will be effective regardless of the tax consequences. Any tax liability arising from the curatorship will be solely the responsibility of the curator.
    • The curatorship will continue in effect during the lifetime of the curator. However, either party may terminate the curatorship by providing written notice to the other party.

    The Curatorship Gift Agreement can be used to preserve historical sites anywhere in the United States.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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