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    USA Director Agreement for Video or Commercial


    You can hire a director to direct videos or commercials with this USA Director Services Agreement.

    • This is an ongoing contract that can be terminated at any time by written notice.
    • The director will provide services to the production company only in connection with television commercials and videos, but will not direct any feature films, TV programs or other projects.
    • The director will be paid a daily rate per shooting day, additional compensation in the form of profit participation, and a percentage-based director's fee for all videos shot.
    • The director will also be entitled to a percentage of any net under-budget amounts on TV commercials shot by the director.
    • All of the director's services are provided as a work made for hire, and the director waives all moral rights of authors (droit moral) with respect to the work produced under the Agreement.
    • The director is engaged as an independent contractor, not as an employee, and he/she is responsible for paying his/her own payroll, withholding and other taxes, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation and other required amounts.
    • The director is responsible for paying DGA membership dues, and the production company will pay any employer contributions to pension and benefit plans as required by the DGA Basic Agreement.

    Shooting commercials and music videos requires a special suite of contract templates. Make the USA Director Services Agreement for Videos and Commercials part of yours.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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