USA Lawyer Partnership Agreement


Draw up a Partnership Agreement between U.S. lawyers with this downloadable template.

  • The partners will not receive a salary for services rendered. Instead they will each have a drawing account from which they can make withdrawals in amounts agreed upon between the partners. Withdrawals will be charged against a partner's respective share of the profits.
  • All partners will participate in management, and no partner will engage in any other business without the consent of the other partners.
  • If a partner withdraws, he/she is entitled to take all files pertaining to clients whose affairs he/she has personally conducted, unless the client requests otherwise.
  • Procedure for determining the value of a partner's interest upon death, retirement or withdrawal from the partnership.
  • The surviving partners have the right to continue using the name of a deceased or retired partner in the partnership name.

The USA Lawyer Partnership Agreement is a digital legal form in MS Word format. Buy, download, edit to fit your requirements. Then print and sign.

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