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    USA Mobile Home Sale Contract


    Sell a mobile home in the USA with this Mobile Home Sale Contract (without land).

    • The Contract is for a mobile home with no land included in the sale (such as a mobile home situated on a trailer park lot).
    • The sale requires the consent of the park owner for the purchaser to take over the lease of the lot.
    • This contract can be used for a cash sale, a sale under a mobile home retail installment loan, or a sale with monthly payments secured by a purchase money note and security interest in the mobile home.

    The USA Mobile Home Sale Contract (without land) is downloadable and fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 02-August-2016
    SKU: 4631
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    Promissory Note (Regular Payments, No Interest)


    This promissory note template is made by a borrower to secure an interest-free loan to be repaid by regular payments.

    • The Promissory Note allows the borrower to repay the loan in monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments.
    • No interest will be charged on the outstanding loan balance. The borrower will only be repaying the principal amount.
    • This is a generic legal form which can be used anywhere.

    To download the Promissory Note form, add it to your shopping cart and go through the checkout process.