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    USA Mobile Home Sale Contract


    Sell a mobile home in the USA with this Mobile Home Sale Contract (without land).

    • The Contract is for a mobile home with no land included in the sale (such as a mobile home situated on a trailer park lot).
    • The sale requires the consent of the park owner for the purchaser to take over the lease of the lot.
    • This contract can be used for a cash sale, a sale under a mobile home retail installment loan, or a sale with monthly payments secured by a purchase money note and security interest in the mobile home.

    The USA Mobile Home Sale Contract (without land) is downloadable and fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 02-August-2016
    SKU: 4631
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    Purchase Money Promissory Note for Real Estate Purchase


    If you are selling a real estate property and allowing the buyer to pay part of the purchase price over time, secure payment of the outstanding balance with this Purchase Money Promissory Note.

    • The buyer will pay off the balance of the purchase price in regular installments, rather than having to come up with all of the purchase money in order to close the sale.
    • The Note contains an acceleration clause, meaning if the maker defaults in a payment, the entire balance together with interest becomes immediately due and payable.

    Get the Purchase Money Promissory Note signed at the same time that the other documents for the real estate purchase are executed by the buyer. Download your copy now.

    Promissory Note (Regular Payments, No Interest)


    This promissory note template is made by a borrower to secure an interest-free loan to be repaid by regular payments.

    • The Promissory Note allows the borrower to repay the loan in monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments.
    • No interest will be charged on the outstanding loan balance. The borrower will only be repaying the principal amount.
    • This is a generic legal form which can be used anywhere.

    To download the Promissory Note form, add it to your shopping cart and go through the checkout process.