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    Plain Language Promissory Note | USA


    USA lenders, secure repayment of a loan with this Plain Language Promissory Note.

    • The Promissory Note form is drafted in language that is clear, concise, and easy for a borrower to understand.
    • The principal and interest are to be repaid by a series of equal monthly installment payments.
    • Any amount of principal and/or interest not paid on time bears late charges calculated as a percentage of the overdue payment amount.
    • The template is not State-specific and can used anywhere in the United States.
    • This is a downloadable and customizable legal form template in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 07-September-2022
    SKU: 7388
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    Wisconsin Contract for Deed

    If you are selling a real estate property in Wisconsin, you can assist the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price with this Contract for Deed (or purchase money mortgage).
    • Under the terms of this Contract, the seller effectively becomes the mortgage lender for the balance of the purchase money.
    • Title will transfer to the buyer once payment in full of all principal and interest has been received by the seller.
    • The seller has the right to take back the property if the buyer defaults in payment.
    • At the seller's option, the balance can be repaid by monthly payments with or without interest until paid, or monthly payments with interest for a fixed number of payments with a balloon payment at the end to pay out the balance.
    This Wisconsin Contract for Deed form is in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your exact circumstances.

    Mortgage Note | USA