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    Recording Contract with Royalty Rate Schedule | USA


    This USA Recording Contract includes a schedule of different royalty rates for different artists and from different revenue sources.

    • The royalty rate schedule sets out: basic single rates, basic rates for recordings, as well as rates for musical groups, sessions on which only certain group members appear, or appear under a different name.
    • The contract contains provisions for shared billing on sides which are coupled with those of another artist.
    • The musical artist and the recording company have joint artistic control over the recordings.
    • The artist consents to the use of the artist's professional name in connection with the recordings.
    • The USA Recording Contract with Royalty Rate Schedule is a digital download. The file is a MS Word template and is completely customizable to fit your brand and your business model.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 29-March-2021
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    USA Record Company Producer Contract


    Hire a producer to produce master recordings in your company's recording studio with this USA Record Company Producer Contract.

    • Work for Hire. The producer's services are provided on a work-for-hire basis. All rights to the masters and to records derived from the masters belong to the record company.
    • Re-recording. The producer agrees to re-record any performances that the record company does not find satisfactory.
    • Album Credits. The producer will receive appropriate production and authoring credit on all labels and liner notes.
    • Right to Use Likeness. The company is granted the perpetual worldwide right to use the producer's name and likeness in connection with the masters and the records derived from them.
    • Dispute Resolution. The parties agree to resolve any disputes through negotiation, failing which they will submit to binding arbitration.
    • Governing Law. The agreement is governed by United States law, including copyright laws.
    This USA Record Company Producer Contract is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your business needs.

    Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music


    Obtain the rights to a musical composition from the composer with this Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music template.

    • The composer was contracted on a work-for-hire basis to write the composition.
    • The composer assigns all of his/her rights and title to the musical composition to the client.
    • The client has the sole right to copyright the work.
    • The client grants performance rights for the composition back to the composer.

    The Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights is a digital template. You can customize it, edit it, use it as often as your business requires.