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    USA Resident Curatorship Agreement


    Appoint a resident curator to rehabilitate, restore and maintain an historic property in the USA with this Resident Curatorship Agreement.

    • The curator will live in the property and will donate his/her time, funds and efforts to restore, rehabilitate and renovate the historic structure(s).
    • When the original restoration and rehabilitation work is completed, the curator will continue to maintain the premises and to restore, repair and rehabilitate the structures as necessary.
    • The curator will open the premises to the public at various times throughout the year once the original restoration work is completed.
    • The owner is responsible for providing an accurate map of the lands. All restoration and landscaping work must take place within the boundaries shown on the map, and must be done in such a way as to mitigate disturbance to any archaeological deposits on the lands.
    • It is the curator's intent that the gift of funds and labor will be effective regardless of the tax consequences. Any tax liability arising from the curatorship will be solely the responsibility of the curator.
    • The curator is responsible for obtaining property insurance on his/her personal property, and for maintaining adequate comprehensive liability coverage.
    • The curators accept the property as is, and indemnify the owner against injury or damage occurring from exposure to harmful substances present in the structures or used in connection with the restoration work.

    Preserving the past ensures continuity of the country's heritage into the future. You can use this Resident Curatorship Agreement anywhere in the United States.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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