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    Restricted Stock Award Plan | USA


    With this easy template, you can set up a Restricted Stock Award Plan for your company, under current United States securities legislation.

    • Under this type of Plan, a company can provide incentives to its key personnel through awards of restricted shares of common stock.
    • The company will reimburse the employee for any amounts he/she has to pay as a consequence of any such award (such as income tax).
    • Stock subject to an award is forfeited if the participant ceases to work for the company or retires within a specified time after the date of the award.
    • If a participant dies, his or her estate retains the stock.
    • Incentives like this Restricted Stock Award Plan help attract and retain top flight talent. Download the template for your business.
    • Intended to be used only in the United States.
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    Last Updated: 05-January-2022
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