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    Self Storage Unit Rental Agreement | USA


    Rent a storage unit to a customer with this USA Self Storage Unit Rental Agreement template.

    • The renter (Occupant) has access to the storage unit on a 24-7 basis at all times when the rent is paid up and the Occupant is not in default.
    • The Occupant is responsible for placing insurance on the property while it is in the storage unit.
    • There are restrictions on the types of materials that can be stored in the storage unit - no hazardous, toxic or illegal substances.
    • This template is not State-specific, and the laws in your State may require changes to the agreement in order to comply with current legislation.
    • This is a fully customizable legal template.
    • Governed by U.S. laws and intended for use only in the United States.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-July-2021
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