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    Shareholder Resolution Approving Dissolution of Corporation | USA


    The shareholders of a U.S. corporation can approve the company's dissolution using this template Shareholder Resolution form. Download the free template or copy and paste the text below into a new document.

    RESOLUTIONS OF THE SHAREHOLDERS OF _________________________________ (the "Corporation")


    A meeting of the shareholders of __________________, Inc. was held at the Corporation's principal offices at __________________ (insert address), and called to order at _____________ (insert date and time) pursuant to notice or waiver of notice; and a quorum being present, the following resolutions were adopted:

    RESOLVED, that ______________, Inc. shall dissolve, and it is

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President of this Corporation is hereby directed to file the necessary Certificate of Dissolution of a Corporation in the appropriate state office.

    The undersigned being all of the shareholders of the Corporation, hereby adopt the foregoing resolutions this _____ day of ______________, 20____.

    Signature of Shareholder

    Signature of Shareholder

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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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