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    USA Term Loan Agreement


    Write up a Term Loan Agreement for a borrower using this downloadable template form.

    • This customizable legal template is governed by the laws of the United States.
    • The borrower has the option to pay all or part of the term loan on any interest payment date, without premium or penalty, provided that a specified minimum prepayment amount is paid.
    • The borrower has the option of selecting an interest period of more than one month's duration (up to but not including the next interest payment date).
    • If the borrower fails to properly notify the lender, the interest period will automatically be set at one month's duration.
    • The borrower may elect to have more than one interest period outstanding at any one time, provided that no interest period extends beyond the maturity date.

    The USA Term Loan Agreement is a standard form template which can be easily personalized for each borrower. Just fill in the details, print and get it signed.

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