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    Work for Hire Agreement for Artists and Writers | USA


    Retain illustrators, writers, editors and other independent contractors with this template USA Work for Hire Agreement for publishers and publishing houses.

    • The contractor agrees to provide the publisher with the services and create the work strictly on a work made for hire basis, for a one-time fee.
    • The publisher will retain sole ownership and title to the work created by the contractor under the Agreement.
    • This is a reusable legal template. Buy it, download it, then use it as often as you require.
    • The Agreement is governed by the laws of the United States.
    • Work for hire contracts are the most advantageous arrangements for a publisher. Get this downloadable template contract and tailor it to your exact requirements.
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    Last Updated: 30-August-2022
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    Songwriting For-Hire Contract (non-exclusive)


    Recording companies can engage songwriters to supply musical compositions under the terms of this non-exclusive Songwriting For-Hire Contract.

    • The songwriter agrees to write songs on a for-hire basis for the record company.
    • The recording company in turn agrees to record the songs in sessions with any of its various artists.
    • The agreement covers only those songs written on a for-hire basis for the recording company, and excludes any other material written by the songwriter.
    • The songwriter has the right to assign any songs to a performance rights society (ASCAP or BMI) and to receive all monies paid by the society.
    • This digital template can be used in both the United States and Canada.

    You can hire a whole stable of writers with this non-exclusive Songwriting For-Hire Contract. Download the template for your contracts library.

    Production Agreement for Master Recordings


    Record producers, write up a contract to produce a demo for a musical artist with this Production Agreement for Master Recordings.

    • The masters will be used as demos and will be shopped around to various record labels in order to attempt to obtain a recording contract for the artist.
    • The artist retains ownership and control of all copyright in the masters and all recordings or reproductions.
    • The producer's compensation takes the form of a royalty and/or commission.
    • The artist has the right to hire other producers for other recording sessions.
    This Production Agreement for Master Recordings template is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.