Understanding Investors: Roles and Relationships


If your role involves raising capital, you need to understand the different types of investors. This 13-page article can help you do that.

The article describes the most significant roles in the investment community and explains the characteristics of each type of investor. Learn more about:
  • Direct investors.
  • Investment advisors.
  • Institutional analysts.
  • Portfolio managers.
  • Pension fund and investment managers.
  • Self-managed pension funds.
  • Insurance companies (life, property and casualty).
  • Bank trust departments and investment subsidiaries.
  • University endowment funds.
  • Foreign institutions.
  • Brokers and brokerage traders.
  • Investment clubs.
  • Market makers and specialists.
  • Business / financial editors and columnists.

As a fund raiser, you need this valuable information to help you fulfill your role better. Get a copy of Understanding Investors: An Overview of Roles and Relationships today.

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