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    Utah Condominium Bylaws and Rules


    Prepare operational bylaws for a condominium project in Utah with this Condominium Bylaws template, which includes a set of Rules and Regulations.

    The Bylaws are enacted by the condo association to govern various aspects of the management of the condominium project, including:
    • meetings of the unit owners,
    • the powers and responsibilities of the management committee,
    • appointment of officers,
    • accounting procedures,
    • adoption of condominium rules and regulations,
    • process for amending the bylaws,
    • leasing of units and eviction of tenants for non-compliance,
    • restrictions on pets,
    • a schedule of fines for violations of the rules or the condominium documents.
    The Utah Condominium Bylaws and Rules were reviewed in January 2016 for compliance with the Condominium Ownership Act.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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