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    Utah Notice of Abandonment

    Utah landlords, if you believe that your tenant has abandoned the rental premises, serve the tenant with this Notice of Abandonment, in accordance with Section 78-36-12.6 of the Utah Code Annotated.
    • The Notice states that the landlord has declared the premises to be abandoned, and that the tenant has 30 days to contact the landlord to recover personal property removed by the landlord.
    • The landlord is retaking possession of the premises and the tenant will be liable for the entire rent due for the remainder of the rental term, plus actual moving and storage costs.
    • A Certificate of Delivery form is included to record the details of service of the Notice on the tenant.
    This Utah Notice of Abandonment form is easy to use - buy it, download it, fill in the details and print.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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