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    Victoria Dormitory Housing Tenancy Agreement


    Letting dormitory rooms to students requires a special form of tenancy agreement. Use this template Dormitory Housing Tenancy Agreement to let student housing in Victoria.

    • The university housing authority grants the student the right to use the dorm room, the facilities within the dorm room (eg. bath, shower, toilets) which are shared with the other room residents, and the common areas of the building.
    • If the student owes any rent or other charges to the housing authority, those amounts may be deducted from the rental bond.
    • The student must notify the authority immediately if s/he ceases to be a student of the university.
    • The student agrees to pay an early termination fee if the tenancy is terminated before the end of the term. He or she will also be liable for paying the rent for the remainder of the term unless a replacement tenant is found.

    Victoria Dormitory Housing Tenancy Agreement, available in MS Word format. Other formats available on request.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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