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    Victoria Sublease for Commercial Premises


    Victoria business tenants, sublet your premises to a subtenant with this Sublease for Commercial Premises.

    • The landlord must consent to the subletting.
    • The head lease between the landlord and the tenant applies to the sub-lease, except as set out in the sub-lease.
    • The subtenant must comply with the obligations of the original tenant under the head lease.
    • Rent is to be paid to the original tenant, who will pay it to the landlord.
    • The subtenant is responsible for paying all outgoings separately assessed on the premises, and for all charges for services supplied to the premises.
    • The subtenant releases and indemnifies the original tenant against any loss, damage or claim arising from the subtenant's use of the premises, or from the subtenant's breach of the sub-lease or the head lease.
    • If the head lease is terminated, the sub-lease will automatically terminate as well.
    This Victoria Sublease for Commercial Premises template is a MS Word file, and can be easily edited to fit your circumstances.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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