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    Video Footage Clearance for TV Program


    Get permission to use a video clip from an independent videographer with this Video Footage Clearance and Release (TV Program).

    • The Clearance and Release Form can be used for news casts, entertainment programs, celebrity spotting, weather channels, music channels, and other programs which use footage from freelance videographers.
    • The videographer gives the network or channel the right to broadcast, modify and use all or part of the footage, and to use the videographer's name in connection with the footage.
    • The videographer assumes all liability that may arise in connection with the footage, and indemnifies the producers and the network against any liability or damages.
    • The videographer is responsible for obtaining the consents of all performers and other persons connected with the video.

    This Video Footage Clearance and Release form is a great way to get access to videos from a variety of sources without hiring full-time videographers.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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