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    Video Production Contract


    Before you produce that video for your client, draw up an agreement for them to sign with this template Video Production Contract.

    • The contract contains alternate provisions with respect to the script, depending on whether the producer or the client will be providing the script.
    • The producer will supply all cast, crew, and production staff and equipment.
    • The client must approve the production budget before production begins. The client may increase, but not decrease, the amount of the approved budget.
    • The producer is responsible for all post-production, and will deliver the completed video to the client within a reasonable time after production is completed.
    • If the shooting goes over schedule or over budget, the producer will consult with the client to come up with a workable solution.
    • The producer's liability is limited to the amount actually paid by the client.

    You can use the Video Production Contract for musical artists, PSAs, educational videos, and all your other video clients. It's affordable and customizable.

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    Last Updated: 27-March-2022
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