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    Virginia Marina Slip Rental Agreement


    Rent a marina slip to a boat owner with this easy-to-use template Slip Rental Agreement (Mooring Lease) for marinas in Virginia.

    • Rental fees are payable in advance. The slip user will not be allowed to launch if any rental fees are unpaid.
    • If the slip user vacates before the end of the rental term, no refund will be paid for the unused portion of the term.
    • The slip user must pay a security deposit which will be used to cover damage to the slip and/or unpaid rental fees.
    • The slip user must keep the vessel insured during the rental period.
    • The marina is not liable for any loss or damage of the vessel caused by accident, natural causes or other factors outside of the marina's control.
    • The marina will have a maritime lien against the vessel, in addition to any liens arising under State law, and the slip user agrees not to contest any such lien.
    • The marina is entitled to keep the vessel in custody if any legal proceeding is started to enforce a lien against the vessel.
    • The marina has the right to demand that the slip user move the vessel to another suitable slip at any time during the rental period, if necessary.

    Download this Virginia Marina Slip Rental Agreement and easily create customized contracts for your slip tenants.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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