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    Washington Self Storage Rental Agreement


    Rent a storage unit to a customer with this downloadable Self Storage Rental Agreement for Washington State.

    • Contents. The unit renter must provide a list of the contents of the unit, together with approximate value and the names of any lienholders or other parties with a claim on any of the contents.
    • Protection of Contents. The renter must supply its own locks and obtain its own contents insurance. The insurance must be of sufficient value and must be maintained throughout the term of the rental.
    • Access. The renter may only access the unit during the owner's hours of business, and only if he/she is not in breach of the contract.
    • Lien. The storage facility has a lien on the unit contents in the event of default by the unit renter, in accordance with State laws.
    • Vehicles. The Agreement can also be used to rent vehicle storage space, either in a garage or carport.

    This Washington Self Storage Rental Agreement was last updated in 2007.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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