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    Web Hosting Terms and Conditions


    Do you provide web hosting services? Use this easy template to put together a set of Web Hosting Terms and Conditions for your customers.

    • A customer can agree to the terms by signing the form (if printed), or by clicking the appropriate button (if posted on your website).
    • The customer cannot assign or transfer its web hosting account to another party.
    • Restrictions on website content - the site shall not contain any illegal, infringing or offensive material.
    • Restrictions on sending unsolicited email.
    • Restrictions on the content of postings to forums, Usenet groups, blogs, other public areas.
    • The customer gives its consent to be listed in relevant directories.
    These Web Hosting Terms and Conditions are fully editable to fit your specific requirements. The document can be easily converted to HTML and posted on your website.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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