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    Web Hosting Terms and Conditions


    Do you provide web hosting services? Use this easy template to put together a set of Web Hosting Terms and Conditions for your customers.

    • A customer can agree to the terms by signing the form (if printed), or by clicking the appropriate button (if posted on your website).
    • The customer cannot assign or transfer its web hosting account to another party.
    • Restrictions on website content - the site shall not contain any illegal, infringing or offensive material.
    • Restrictions on sending unsolicited email.
    • Restrictions on the content of postings to forums, Usenet groups, blogs, other public areas.
    • The customer gives its consent to be listed in relevant directories.
    • These Web Hosting Terms and Conditions are fully editable to fit your specific requirements.
    • The document can be easily converted from MS Word to HTML and uploaded for online access.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 05-August-2021
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