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    Wedding Photography and Videography Contract


    Draw up an agreement with a client for photographing and/or filming their wedding with this downloadable Wedding Photography and Videography Contract.

    • The client must pay a non-refundable deposit which is forfeited if the wedding date is changed or cancelled.
    • The client is responsible for getting permission from the wedding venue (church, chapel, etc) for photographing and filming the wedding, and for obtaining any required passes, arranging for parking and providing the photographer with a list of desired shots and a map to the locations.
    • The client agrees that the photographer will be the exclusive professional photographer for the event. Friends and family may photograph and film the wedding provided they do not interfere with the photographer's work.
    • Copyright in the photos and videos remains the sole property of the photographer. The clients will have a perpetual license to use the materials, but the photographer has the right to use the photos for promotional purposes.
    • The contract template includes a list of services and a rate sheet.
    • You can easily modify the template for strictly photography or videography sessions.

    Purchase the Wedding Photography and Videography Contract template to protect your copyright and make sure you get paid for your services.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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