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    West Virginia Tenant's Notice of Termination


    Give your landlord 1 full rental period's written notice that you are terminating your monthly lease with this West Virginia Notice of Termination form.

    • Under West Virginia law, you're required to give one notice of 1 full rental period. That means if you are on a month-to-month lease you must give a full calendar month. For shorter tenancies, you should give 30 days.
    • If your lease agreement stipulates a certain date on which the lease expires, you cannot use this form.
    • Included with the document is a Service of Notice, to record the method by which you served the document on your landlord.
    • You can set out in the Notice which times during the day are most convenient for the landlord to show the premises to new tenants.
    • The West Virginia 30 Days / Full Rental Period Notice of Termination is a downloadable legal form which is easy to use. Just fill it in, print it and sign it.
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    Last Updated: 19-April-2016
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