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    Arbitration Agreement Between Partners | India


    Appoint an arbitrator to handle disputes arising between members of an Indian partnership with this template Arbitration Agreement Between Partners.

    • Referral to Arbitrator. The parties will refer all of their disputes regarding the partnership to the arbitrator.
    • Division of Assets. The arbitrator will decide how to divide the partnership assets upon dissolution of the partnership.
    • Debts and Liabilities. The arbitrator will also make provision for payment of the partnership’s debts and liabilities.
    • Inspection of Records. The arbitrator has the power to have an accountant inspect the books and records of the partnership.
    • Failure to Participate. If any partner refuses to participate, the arbitrator has the power to proceed against that party in his or her absence.

    This India Arbitration Agreement Between Partners is available as a downloadable MS Word document, and is easy to customise with specific terms and conditions.

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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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