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    Alberta Agreement for Sale of Land


    Sell a lot or parcel of land in Alberta over time with this comprehensive Agreement for Sale template.

    • The purchaser will pay the purchase price to the vendor over an agreed-upon period of time.
    • The purchaser can take possession of the property and continue to occupy the land so long as there is no default in any payments due under the agreement.
    • The purchaser will be considered a tenant of the seller (vendor) at a yearly rental equal to the yearly payments of interest.
    • The vendor will have the right to distrain or seize the purchaser's goods if there is any default in payment.

    The Alberta Articles of Agreement for Sale of Land template is a fully editable MS Word template. Purchase, download, customize, use as often as required.

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    Last Updated: 02-May-2021
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    Alberta Transfer of Land


    When selling real estate in Alberta, you must convey the title to the new owner by registering this Transfer of Land form with an Alberta Registry Office.

    • The form must be completed and signed where indicated by the seller and the buyer, and submitted for filing with the appropriate fees.
    • The form includes an Affidavit of Execution, Dower Act requirements, and Affidavit of Value.
    • This form is in MS Word format and can be completed either by hand or on a computer.

    Land Titles Form 8 Transfer of Land is a free MS Word download from the Province of Alberta. Updated 02/08.

    Alberta Directors Resolutions Approving Sale of Land


    Authorize the sale of land by a corporation by a Resolution of the Directors with this downloadable template for an Alberta business corporation.

    • All contracts, agreements, transactions and business conducted by the directors on behalf of the corporation must be documented for the corporation's Minute Book.
    • The sale of a corporate asset requires the approval of a majority of the directors by ordinary resolution.
    • This corporate form can be saved as a template and re-used as often as you require.
    Download the Alberta Directors Resolutions Approving Sale of Land or copy and paste the text below.

    RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF ____________________________________ [name of corporation]
    (the “Corporation”)

    WHEREAS the Corporation has executed an Offer to Purchase (Agreement of Sale) (the “Agreement”) dated effective __________ [date] between the Corporation, as Vendor, and __________________________ as Purchaser;

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the ______________________ [title(s) of corporate officer(s) authorized to sign] is hereby authorized for and on behalf of the Corporation to execute all necessary documents to convey title to the Purchaser with such alterations, additions and amendments thereto and deletions therefrom as he/she shall determine, to be evidenced by the execution thereof.

    Each and every of the foregoing resolutions are hereby consented to by the signatures of all the directors of the Corporation pursuant to section 112(1) of the Business Corporation Act (Alberta).

    Dated effective this _____ day of ______________, _______.

    ____________________                               _____________________________
    Signature of Director                                     Signature of Director