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    Alberta Reciprocal Grant of Access Easement


    Does your property share a roadway with your neighbour's land? Write up a Reciprocal Grant of Access Easement with this downloadable template for Alberta land owners.

    • The owners of each of the adjoining properties grants the other owner access over their respective land by way of a common approach and roadway that runs through both properties.
    • The land owners agree to allow access across the land to third parties, such as utility providers.
    • The land owners will be jointly responsible for the costs of maintenance of the roadway and approach.
    • Each party indemnifies the other against claims for loss or damages.
    • This downloadable legal form is easy to customize to fit your circumstances.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 01-July-2021
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