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    Alberta Road Use Agreement


    Give an oil company access to a road that runs across private land with this Road Use Agreement for the Province of Alberta.

    • Purpose of Agreement. The land owner grants an oil company (the licensee) a non-exclusive interruptible license to use the road in order to allow its drilling rigs, equipment and personnel to gain access to well sites.
    • Restrictions. The land owner has the right to impose bans and restrictions on the road usage.
    • Liability for Costs. The licensee agrees to pay the costs to repair any unreasonable damage to the road.
    • No Warranty. The land owner makes no warranty or representation as to the usability of the road.
    • Waiver of Claims. The licensee agrees not to make any claims for loss or damage resulting from the use of the road.
    • Prior Notice. The licensee will notify the land owner in writing in advance of the dates on which it intends to move rigs on the road.
    • Termination. When the licensee no longer requires use of the road, it agrees to remove all culverts, extensions, etc which it installed for its purposes.
    • Governing Laws. The agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    • How to Get the Form. To download the Alberta Road Use Agreement for your own use, add it to your cart and purchase it through our secure checkout.
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    Last Updated: 29-July-2021
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