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    Alberta Self Storage Rental Agreement


    Write up a Self Storage Rental Agreement quickly and easily with this downloadable template for Alberta storage facilities.

    • The rental period runs month to month.
    • This contract can be used for rental of vehicle storage space as well, either in a garage or carport.
    • The renter must provide a list of the contents of the unit, together with approximate value and the names of any lienholders or other parties with a claim on any of the contents.
    • The renter is responsible for providing its own locks, and obtaining and maintaining its own insurance.
    • The renter may access the unit during the owner's hours of business, provided that the renter is not in breach of the contract.
    • The contract also provides the owner with a lien on the unit contents in the event of default by the renter. Property abandoned by the occupant will be disposed of in accordance with provincial law.
    • This legal document is intended solely for use in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 26-May-2022
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