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    Buyer's Certificate of Acceptance After Final Inspection


    Builders, once your buyer has done the final inspection, get them to sign this Certificate of Acceptance form.

    • The buyer acknowledges having provided the builder with a list of deficiencies (if applicable). If there are no deficiencies, the buyer indicates that by writing "NONE".
    • Except for the deficiencies listed, the buyer accepts the home as is.
    • The buyer gives up any further claim against the builder.
    • Don't run the risk of getting slapped with a lawsuit down the road. Always get the buyer's signature accepting the work.
    • Available in MS Word format. Reusable and fully editable.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 29-September-2022
    SKU: 6857
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    Utah Lien Waiver and Release Forms Package


    Get your lien releases done quickly and easily with this package of Utah Lien Waiver and Release Forms.

    This downloadable package contains the following forms which allow you to partially or completely release your lien claim against certain property, as payment is received from the owner:
    1. Conditional Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Progress Payment,
    2. Unconditional Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Progress Payment,
    3. Conditional Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Final Payment, and
    4. Unconditional Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Final Payment.
    These fill-in-the-blank Utah Lien Waiver and Release Forms are available in MS Word format and are fully editable. Rev 07/12.

    Plumbing Work Order / Invoice


    Plumbing contractors can easily write their work orders with this downloadable Work Order ⁄ Invoice form.

    • The form is a preformatted Excel worksheet that will calculate totals based on information you enter for number of hours worked, rate per hour, quantity and price of parts and materials.
    • To use it as a work order, it can be printed as a blank form to be filled in by hand on the job site.
    • To use it as an invoice, fill in the information on your PC, laptop or tablet and print off the completed form.

    Get your plumbing work orders and invoices done on time with this convenient and customizable template.