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    Certificate of Independent Legal Advice | Canada


    Prepare a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for a client with this ready-to-use form for use in Canada.

    • The lawyer making the Certificate states that they have provided an individual with legal advice regarding a document independently from any other party.
    • The individual confirms that they have received the legal advice.
    • The form also includes an Acknowledgement and Waiver of Independent Legal Advice, in the event that the individual waives his/her right to legal advice.
    • The form is fully customizable and can be used as often as you require.
    • This form is for use in Canada only.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 20-May-2020
    SKU: 3007
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    Employee Confidentiality Agreement for Law Firm


    Law firms are bound by client confidentiality provisions, which must be observed by legal professionals and staff alike. Have all new employees sign this Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of their hiring.

    • The employee acknowledges that all information and documents in the firm's possession are strictly confidential.
    • The employee undertakes not to disclose any information except as authorized by the client or required by law.
    • The provisions of the Agreement extend to discussing or disclosing information with family, friends or other clients.
    • The employee must continue to maintain confidentiality even after leaving the employment of the firm.

    Purchase the Employee Confidentiality Agreement for your firm. You'll be able to download the agreement right after your purchase is complete.