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    Cohabitation Agreement for Same Sex Couple | Canada


    Use this Canada Cohabitation Agreement for Same Sex Couple to set the terms of how your property and assets will be owned, and how your children will be raised and supported.

    • The Agreement can be used anywhere in Canada.
    • The parties agree that each of them retains full ownership of any assets they owned individually before they started living together.
    • Any property acquired during the relationship will be joint property unless the partners specifically agree otherwise in writing. All jointly owned property will be divided equally between them if they separate.
    • Each partner is responsible for paying his or her own debts.
    • The partners agree to take joint responsibility for raising, supporting and caring for the children they have together.
    • If either partner has a child from a previous relationship, that child's parent will be primarily responsible for his/her rearing.
    • Each partner waives any legal right to claim a portion of any gifts or inheritances left to the other partner.
    • Before you sign the Agreement, you and your partner must get independent legal advice from a lawyer. The required form of Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is included.
    • Intended for use only in Canada.
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    Last Updated: 27-July-2021
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