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    Commercial Net Lease for Land and Buildings | Canada


    Lease a commercial building and adjoined land in Canada to a business tenant with this comprehensive downloadable lease template.

    • The lease is for the land and buildings already on the location, or to be constructed at a later date, which are solely at the risk of the tenant.
    • This is a net lease, and the tenant is responsible for paying all taxes, charges, rates, expenses, and outgoings related to the premises.
    • The tenant must maintain comprehensive liability insurance, all risks physical damage insurance, boiler and pressure vessel and machinery breakdown insurance, in forms and amounts satisfactory to the landlord.
    • The tenant shall not request local improvements from the municipality without the landlord's consent.
    • The tenant grants the landlord a security interest over all of its present and after acquired personal property, as collateral security for its performance of its obligations under the lease.
    • The landlord is not required to maintain, repair or rebuild the leased premises if they are damaged or destroyed.
    • This legal template can be used in most Canadian provinces and territories.

    Save yourself hundreds of dollars in legal fees. Use the Commercial Net Lease Agreement for Land and Buildings for your tenants.

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    Last Updated: 06-May-2021
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