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    Musical Artist Management Agreement | Canada


    If you manage bands, musicians and performing artists in Canada, download this Musical Artist Management Agreement template.

    • As the artist's manager you will not only represent the artist, you will also offer advice, guidance, business expertise, and promotional services.
    • Your job is to supervise and guide the artist's career and professional development.
    • In return for management services, you receive a percentage of the artist's gross earnings.
    • You will be the artist's sole manager, but you're not bound to provide management services exclusively to the artist. You can also manage other artists, as you see fit.
    • This legal contract form is a downloadable template which is customizable, reusable and much cheaper than a lawyer.
    • Intended for use only in Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 15-September-2021
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    Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager


    Prepare a Royalty Agreement between a musical artist and his/her manager with this downloadable template form.

    • The manager agrees to provide personal management services to the musician.
    • In return, the musician agrees to pay the manager a specified percentage of the artist's royalties on all sales of recordings.

    Add this Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager to your portfolio of management contract templates.

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