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    Subscription Agreement for Flow Through Shares | Canada


    Offer flow-through shares in a Canadian oil and gas company to investors under the terms of this standard Subscription Agreement.

    • Use of Proceeds. Funds raised through the sale of the flow-shares will be used to finance the company's oil and gas exploration program.
    • Qualified Expenses. The issuing company covenants to incur expenditures which will qualify as Canadian exploration expenses or Canadian development expenses under the Income Tax Act (Canada).
    • Warranty. The issuer represents and warrants that the shares are flow-through shares, as defined by the Income Tax Act.
    • Flow-Through of Expenditures. The issuer will flow through the expenditures to the purchaser, and will file the prescribed forms with the Minister of National Revenue.
    • Indemnification. The issuer will indemnify and save the purchaser harmless from any income tax payable on the flow-through shares.
    • How to Obtain the Form. To download the Flow-Through Share Subscription Agreement, click the button to add it to your cart, then check out and pay for the form.
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    Last Updated: 03-June-2021
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