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    TV Movie Distribution Agreement | Canada


    Set out the terms under which a made-for-TV movie will be distributed in this Television Distribution Agreement template for Canadian productions.

    • The distributor is granted exclusive rights to exploit the picture in television, home video market, VOD, digital transmission, and merchandising.
    • The distributor also has the right to edit the picture as required for purposes of time integration, censorship, commercials, etc., and the producer waives its moral rights in the picture for this purpose. The distributor will not make changes to the title, credits or copyright notice without the producer's approval.
    • The producer retains the right to enter the picture in film festivals, subject to the rights licensed to the distributor.
    • The distributor will pay the producer a percentage of net revenues, as compensation for the rights granted.
    • The Agreement includes a Schedule of Delivery Items, a List of Agreements with Third Parties, and a Schedule of Information Regarding the Picture.
    • The contract is governed by Canadian laws and is intended to be used only in Canada.
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    Last Updated: 20-September-2022
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